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König. Repair Techniques and Surface Materials

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Everything for the repair and restoration of surfaces

In us you will find a company at your full disposal for your advice and attention.

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At König, we are committed to raising the quality of your repair and restoration projects. Join us on this journey towards excellence, where every repair becomes a true success.

Get the most out of König products

When it comes to achieving the highest level of repair, there is nothing more essential than mastering the proper techniques. And, if you're considering using König products, we're here to make sure you do it masterfully.

At König, we not only offer exceptional products, but we also provide a valuable opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills through a variety of courses designed specifically for your success. Whether you are involved in furniture, windows, parquet, granite or marble, our courses adapt to various market needs, ensuring you obtain the most relevant techniques and knowledge.

Our courses are flexible and can be carried out at our facilities or at a location that best suits you. We are committed to empowering you to get the most out of our products, regardless of your role, whether in production, inspection, delivery, after-sales or as an end user.

En König, compartimos una premisa común en todos nuestros departamentos: “La reducción de costes, el ahorro de tiempo y la eliminación de reclamaciones de clientes son imprescindibles”. Únase a nosotros y descubra cómo podemos ayudarle a alcanzar el máximo potencial en sus proyectos de reparación. ¡Hagamos que cada reparación sea un verdadero éxito!


For all surfaces

Artificial surfaces

Return the greatness of artificial surfaces with our specialized products, providing durability and a unique shine that highlights the sophistication of each texture and design.

PVC and high gloss surfaces

Renew the vitality of your PVC and high gloss surfaces with our advanced formula, repairing, protecting and highlighting their splendor with long-lasting and brilliant results.

Natural stone

Repair your natural stone surfaces with our specialized products, providing durability and a distinguished glow that enhances the unique elegance of each type of stone. 

laminated parquet

Revitalize your parquet, laminate, cork and linoleum floors with our advanced solutions. A restoration that highlights natural elegance, providing durability and incomparable radiance. 


Explore the various options for restoring decorative and authentic wood surfaces on your furniture, revealing their unique beauty with lasting and noticeable results. 

Ceramic tiles and surfaces

Repair your spaces with a touch of magic: our innovative tile and ceramic repair products provide impeccable restoration and a dazzling shine.

Aluminum and stainless steel

Relive the splendor of aluminum and stainless steel with our innovative restoration solution, providing durability and a distinctive shine to your artificial metal surfaces.

automobile interiors

Beautify your car's interior with our powerful repair products, bringing surfaces back to life with a long-lasting shine and captivating restoration. Discover automotive excellence.


High-quality products and services backed by rigorous quality control standards.


High-quality products and services backed by rigorous quality control standards.


High-quality products and services backed by rigorous quality control standards.


Focus on customer satisfaction and exceptional attention to their needs and expectations.



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